About Contest

About VEC

VEC is the world’s biggest value education contest (non-profit initiative). its initiative has been taken by a group of successful and selfless individuals, who have a passion to serve the student community. Today’s world has no deficiency of facilities, amenities, luxuries; dearth is of selfless service attitude. It is this selfless spirit which the group stands for. Student life is the tender age where the ideologies formed are carried over throughout one’s life. It is very unfortunate that, today’s students are given a very self-centric, egoistic, unrealistic world view. It is not surprising to see, therefore, that the student community is susceptible to vices of all sorts. Wisdom tells us that a student leading life of purity would become a great servant-leader for the world in future.

Value education contest is meant to enlighten the student community by creating strong urge with in them to systematically pursue education and training in the values for principle centred living. Purity can’t be sustained without learning good values mentioned in the sacred scriptures. The group, in a secular way, encourages the service to God and humanity. With a view to achieve the aforementioned purposes, the group, publishes and distributes Bhagavad-Gita and a study guide


To assist the student community to lead a highly cultured & balanced life centered around ethics in character & excellence in career in the spirit of selfless service


A well-built nation having character,

competence and culture as strong pillars where self-centeredness & egoism are completely absent and love, co-operation

prevail the hearts of all


Value Education Contest (VEC) doesn’t have any tricks, ulterior motivations other than uplifting the student community at large. That is how we can find transparency in them in and out. So, We find the simplest, yet very effective strategy in their functioning which can be said as follows. Purity of our members is the force. Wisdom books like Bhagavad-Gita are the basis. Utility for the good cause is the principle. Reaching out & benefitting as many students as possible is the essence.